Staff Spotlight – Ms. Bayless

By Savannah B. and Marrissa M. 

From Parsons, Kansas, Graduated Parsons High School Attended Labette Community College Graduated Pittsburg State University BS: Elementary Education Minor: Special Education we present to you Ms. Bayless. She decided to be a teacher back in 1988. Why did she decide to teach Welch? Well She moved down here with her back then fiance and she decided to stay here. 

She has a cat and his name is Junebug. When she is off she wears a t-shirts. Her hobbies are Reading, House plants, Puzzles, and spending time with friends and family. She doesn’t take time to do the events, if it’s not that important to her. If she wanted to, she would teach history. Her favorite subject in school was History. 

If she was able to go anywhere in the world she would go to Ireland. Her favorite game to play is Blackjack. Her favorite type of food is Mexican. She prefers corn out of all the veggies. She taught at two other schools in Kansas; Altona, and Galesburg. She prefers Classic rock music on a daily basis. She dyes her hair all the time and she never played a musical instrument before.

Current Events- Dress Up Days.

by David Colten Jewell and Sebastian Bennett

There were dress up days at Welch Wildcats school. Middle school and high school students had dress up days. We had, on Monday, y2k Tuesday, 80s workout Wednesday, 70 groovy day baby Thursday, 50s rocking the night away and Friday, roaring 20s. January 24-28 are the days we had dress up days at Welch Public schools. We were celebrating the high school homecoming days.

Ok, we  asked Mrs. Miller five questions. Here is what she said. She has done the first day. She has done Tuesday. She has done Wednesday. She Has done Thursday too. She Will probably do Friday. That’s all for now.

Around Town – Murder Mystery Night!

By Aria P., Jamee W. and Naomi C.

Murder mystery is at the Miami Public Libary is about a game from Hunt a Killer.  This game is a murder mystery game told over the course of six “episodes” or boxes. Each box is filled with different clues and items such as autopsy reports, witness statements, and more you can use to solve the crime. You’ll use these clues to solve the murder mystery and from what i read in the last episode you’ll catch the killer. The game was founded in 2016 and tries to keep it around 30 people. 

When Beth Ferris-Hendricks’s death is declared an accident in the small town of Mallory Rock, Maine, her sister Gwen sets out to prove Beth was murdered. Gwen, having grown up on the New England island, must investigate the residents she has known all of her life. To catch the killer, Gwen will need your help to expose her hometown and uncover the secrets that exist on Mallory Rock. ← There’s some information about the game

Sports- Welch vs Oswego

By Mason W.

October 18th, 2021  Middle school had their last football game of the season.

It started out very slow with the oswego indians pulled ahead and dominated the game.

October 18th, 2021 middle school had their last football game of the season. It started out The game took many twists and turns. Diesel the friendly neighborhood dog even ran out onto the field.  There was less than two minutes in the game, Welch scored a touchdown tying the game with 28 seconds left. They then made their 2 point conversion and kept the other team from winning.  All of this made for a very exciting game and the crowd went wild.

Current Events- CPR

Addy S. and Hayden L.

October 24th 2021 the Welch High School held a CPR training session for the 10th graders. We interviewed Joshua Miller a Welch High school Sophomore about CPR training. This is what he had to say:

Where did you meet? Old computers lab in high school

What did you do?  You pull up a website, enter the class code, watch videos, then work on the videos on your own time. 

Will you have another meeting? Probably

We asked Joshua Miller what he feels about it.

He didn’t really want to go. He felt that since other people are taking it he shouldn’t have to. Cause if someone already knows how to do it why should he.

These are the questions that we asked him.

How many 10th graders were there? About 10

Who was there? Everyone 

How do you feel about some grades taking CPR training? If I was in charge I would say All grades should be taught CPR training 

Staff Spotlight- Mr. Cruzan

Phoenix and Ethan R.

Greg Cruzan image

Mr. Cruzan was born in 1960. Art has been a part of his life. He learned a lot about art from the artist Hal (H.E.) Salisbury, a well known Pastelist in the southeastern portion of our country. Cruzan pursued a degree in Commercial Art during his college years, a degree in Education came second. He became a teacher because a Superintendent and a School Board member came to him, asking him to teach art. Thus his 27 years as an educator began. He enjoys teaching. He also enjoys getting to know his students, watching them develop their artistic abilities.

Around Town- Harvest Days

Zack T. and Douglas S.

Every year there is a festival in Welch, Oklahoma called Harvest Days. Was a great hit. There was a lot of food, and people that were there. A bag of small kettle corn was $5, a medium bag was $7, and a large bag was $10 whole dollars. Every year there are different attractions. This year there were bounce houses and a dunk tank. There was also a hay pile that you could find money in. 

The people that go there either are there for fun or are there to sell things. Most people will make 50+ dollars, maybe more. It takes place on main street and lasts for a couple of days.

How many people were there that you know?  There were a lot.

How long were you there? 9am to 2 pm.

Besides food, what did you buy or see? I saw a dunk tank, some food trailers and two bounce houses.

What was the lowest price you saw when you were there? $1 for a cookie.

If you went with anyone then who’d you go with? My sisters and cousins. I also went with Kaylee Johnson and her siblings.

Current Events- ICAP and Anti-bullying

by Douglas S.

Welch Middle School I-Cap also made anti-bullying posters. That week they were learning about respect, and how to be nice to others. The posters were put up inside the Middle School hallway. There were about 8 posters in total. All about anti-bullying and respect.

Stick Up Against Bullying!!!

Left to right: Emily, Addison

The Little Engine That Couldn’t Bully

Left to right: Douglas, Leon

Reverse the Bullying

Left to Right: Ryder, Wyatt

Kick Bullying Out!

Left to Right: Grady, Trapper

Don’t bully the Little Foals

Left to right: Grace, Miranda

Be Like Linda and Heather, Be Friends!

Left to right: Gracie, Jaylee

Recycle your enemies into friends!
Left to right: Caston, Dalton, Zach

BEE Kind, Don’t be a Bully

by Kade

Staff Spotlight – Mr. Ullrich

by Hayden L., Addy S. and Kaitlyn W.

Mr. Ullrich lives in Welch, Oklahoma and he was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He went to college at OSU. He teaches agriculture and it’s his first year teaching. He is not married and he doesn’t have any kids. Mr. Ullrich tells his students “wear your safety glasses, I’m about to have to put the child lock on”. His dream vacation is to go on a national park road trip. Mr. Ullrich has been working hard with his students already this year and seems to be doing a very good job. Welcome to the Wildcat family Mr. Ullrich!